Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Start Your Own Field Inspection Business

Opening and running a highly profitable field inspection business is easier than most people think.  That is why so many people of all walks of life have done just that and chances are you already own on the equipment necessary or a great majority of them. Let’s look at what is required:

1.      Dependable transportation.

2.      Computer with internet.

3.      Printer

4.      Digital Camera 

5.      Cell Phone

6.      GPS

These are the basics, you may require additional tools depending on the assignment and your clients checklist.  Those who hire you will provide you with a checklist and report that you will be responsible for filling out, for the most part they are all about the same i.e. a few photos and a few comments.
Okay, you have the required tools and you are eager to get started developing your new business.  To separate you and your business from the rest of the Field Inspectors in the assignment pool, you will want to get Certified; there are several organization that offer certification from as little as $250.00 to as high $1400.00.  The one that I believe to be the best bank for the buck is provided by NAARPI at around $300.00, there course takes you through the complete inspection process from roof to slab and curb to alley; including both interior and exterior. 
You will also need the current list of national and regional firms that hire Certified Field Inspectors; you can find this available on several websites from $5.00 to $80.00, again I would visit www.naarpiinternational.org they offer it at $5.00 and it is a quick and easy download. Update your resume and have a W-9 form filled out and ready to email or fax to the 200 plus national and regional firms. 

Don’t just sign up with One or Two companies…you will want to sign up with several to keep your pipeline filled with inspections.  It also gives you knowledge of what each company expects and you can apply the 80/20 rule and weed out the companies that you do not feel comfortable with.  Map out your territory and create a list of zip codes you are willing to work, the larger your territory the more valuable you become.  However don’t make your territory so big that it becomes non-profitable. 

That’s it!  Don’t worry your phone will start ringing and you email box will fill if you don’t check it often…the inspector who gets the assignments are the ones the that are not only easy to contact but those who respond.

Good Luck in your new business and remember there is nothing stopping you from hiring field inspectors to cover territories for you and your company. Some inspectors are just that inspectors; they know nothing about marketing .

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  1. Wish I had learned about NAARPI a while back, I could have saved a ton of money. I think everything they have in their store is cheaper than all the others on the net...go www.naarpi.org you rock.

  2. I took the NAARPI Certification course a long time, there is no doubt in my mind it was worth the investment. My business continues to grows and the biggest struggle is keeping up with the ever changing of the gaurds who hold the current contracts.
    Thank you NAARPI.